We Love People, Because People Matter


Loving People Because People Matter

Because People Matter exists to develop, demonstrate and sustain love and generosity lived out in the world within groups and individuals. With the generous support of our volunteers and donors, we work to create relational environments that provide and deliver Mobilization, Relief, and Development.

Because People Matter is a human development organization!

Through Transformation Trips, teams of volunteers do more than come to Portland to serve. They fully participate in the mantra above and are invited to leave the comfort of their homes, churches, and socioeconomic statuses in order to GO with us on a journey of LEARNING. Together, we peel back layers of stereotypes, judgements, and fear as we build relationships with some of Portland’s most marginalized populations and delve into a series of interactive learning activities that are designed to break down the barriers between us, teach radical love, and inspire intentional living. Afterwards, teams RETURN home and RESPOND creatively to the unique cry of their own city.

On the last Saturday of each month, BPM is partnering with Cityteam to coordinate a Love Your Neighbor monthly outreach on the East Side from 12-2pm. This collaborative event focuses on creating a relational environment in which our unsheltered friends and our volunteers can gather on the east side and share stories. We provide clothing, hygiene kits, blankets, hair cuts and more. This event is also largely organized and operated by the men in City Team's Renew Recovery Program. Volunteer space is limited so please sign up below.

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