Because People Matter

First Door

Because People Matter

First Door

First Door is a free, on site, apartment based after-school program for kids. We gather every day after school to eat snacks, work on homework, and fall in love with learning.

Nicknamed “Homework Club” by the kids, this environment seeks to bridge the gap in student achievement seen in poverty-impacted communities. Due to systemic injustices, we recognize that many students face a variety of additional obstacles– it is our hope to see students break through these obstacles and pursue their dreams.


We Love Homework

Founded in the belief that a good education is the first door to more opportunities, First Door focuses on academic intervention while fostering the habits and curiosity of a life-long learner.

We believe that providing extra support in students’ home contexts will increase accessibility to the learning that is happening in the classroom. Our mission is to strategically support students, teachers, and families with time, friendship, and resources.

We all need to be reminded of this:

You are Known.
You are Loved.
You Matter.

And it’s through friendship that we have the opportunity to communicate these truths. Volunteers at homework club get to know students individually—their interests, their humor, and their strengths.

We have good times and we have hard times, but at the end of the day it is a joy and privilege to invest in these future leaders, teachers, politicians, artists, and engineers.

Get Involved!

You have the opportunity to impact First Door kids every weekday. Choose a day to devote 2-3 hours helping tutor young students so they may excel academically and pursue their dreams!

We believe that each member in our community has something wonderful to offer and enrich the lives of those around them. Do you have a hobby or specialized skill that you’d like to teach to elementary students?

Volunteer Signup

Volunteers challenge students to set high standards and encourage them as they strive to meet them. It is a joy and privilege to invest in the students of this community… future leaders, teachers, artists, and engineers!

BPM focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins, Because People Matter.