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November 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Thanks for checking in!

Every year we host 47 Night Strikes. Over 7000 people are served through our ongoing services, and we can not do that without dedicated, consistent volunteers.

Because PEOPLE are our first love, we value the time we spend with friends and family as rejuvenating and life giving just as much as serving our friends at Night Strike.

And, because so many other groups step up to provide Thanksgiving love to our guests, we have decided to give our volunteers the opportunity to stay home on Thanksgiving.

We will be back next week, November 30 for more love under the bridge!


October 30, 2017 Uncategorized

Hello friends!

It’s official, FALL is here! Pumpkins are everywhere – at the grocery store, on your doorstep, on your plate and in your cup!!! Around BPM, it’s time to focus on our next GREAT BIG THANKSGIVING BASKET GIVE AWAY! It’s one of our favorite one day events we do for our beautiful BTown Kids families.

Every year, BPM comes along side literally hundreds people by providing a thanksgiving meal in a basket to over 150 BTown Kids families! Our simple desire is to eliminate the barrier that poverty places before families, who want to bring those they love around the table, to share a meal, to encourage togetherness, oneness and wholeness. As we do this, we are providing a nutritious, soul reaching meal to up to 1000 folks in the margin, including close to 800 children.

We have wonderful partners who come along side every year, but there are still many ways to be involved…

We would love to provide a volunteer opportunity for you on NOVEMBER 18, from 9:30AM-2PM, to put together and deliver these amazing gifts.

Maybe you can not join us, but you may want to help provide a basket for a family – full baskets cost about $80 to complete.

Or maybe you would like to put a basket together but would like us to deliver it for you…

Or maybe, you just want to help us fulfill one element for each basket – maybe the laundry hamper, or the table centerpiece…

You can do this or any of the above by clicking on this link:

2017 BTown Kids Thanksgiving Baskets!

Once we hear from you, we’ll send more information your way!

Happy Thanksgiving Season, and lest we forget…


May 26, 2017 NewsUncategorized

We love Portland!

We don’t love having to cancel Night Strike…

Unfortunately, when the Navy ships are in, our sweet little space is used up and unavailable for our services.

We will be suspending Night Strike services for JUNE 1.

On JUNE 8, we will be gathering and performing walk abouts – passing out sandwiches and drinks to those who may need it. You are welcome to join us.

Please reach out if you plan to attend June 8 – email us at


April 6, 2017 Uncategorized

Any time your family expands, there is fresh excitement and energy!

Since we have merged our family with the Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge family, we have seen some wonderful developments!

Now we can offer RIGHT NOW Addiction Recovery options to our guests at Night Strike! We know who would be a good candidate, and have the services to offer in the moment they are needed. How amazing!

In turn, the guys currently working on their lives in the program, are able to add service to their healing journey, buy joining other volunteers to love people under the bridge, and in all our environments.

Feeling very grateful for the opportunities in front of us!

Learn about Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen challenge Here

Hope NW provides Recovery, Humanitarian, and Treatment services to the Pacific Northwest, operating in five states with global partners. We put Hope within reach, because people matter.


Pacific Northwest Adult & Teen Challenge provides services for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.


BPM focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins, Because People Matter.


Life Renewal provides licensed outpatient treatment for men and women seeking recovery services who cannot receive residential long term services.

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