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June 22, 2017 News

We had a couple of awesome experiences this week, and wanted to share them with you!

After a wonderful spring season, Our summer Transformation Trips are up and going, and last week we hosted a group from Chico, CA. Part of their experience is to serve in the community, and this time we had the privilege of serving with Transitional Youth, specifically with their “Braking Cycles” outreach effort. The kids worked together to begin to lay a beautiful, extraordinary penny floor. Pennies are significant in how they are often passed over, and how they are often considered to have such little value. They represent an opinion often projected to young street kids. At the new Braking Cycles, coffee and bike repair shop, kids will have the opportunity to learn some vocational skills while literally breaking destructive patterns in their lives!

We LOVE the work of Transitional Youth!

This week, another partner org, Medical Teams International, received some wonderful news press. They were highlighted in their efforts to serve Portland’s most marginalized people at Night Strike – setting people free from things that would drive anyone to addiction. (Have you lived for more than a few days with a throbbing toothache, with no pain meds?…) . We are grateful to have such wonderful resources available to the ones we love and serve!

We love the work of Medical Teams International!

Here’s the news video!


May 26, 2017 NewsUncategorized

We love Portland!

We don’t love having to cancel Night Strike…

Unfortunately, when the Navy ships are in, our sweet little space is used up and unavailable for our services.

We will be suspending Night Strike services for JUNE 1.

On JUNE 8, we will be gathering and performing walk abouts – passing out sandwiches and drinks to those who may need it. You are welcome to join us.

Please reach out if you plan to attend June 8 – email us at


May 16, 2017 News

Having the opportunity to invest in the lives of littles is not something we take lightly. Expanding the learning capacity, and reinforcing a love for learning is a high priority for us, and we love it when others come along side and show some love!

First Door is our after school homework club for elementary aged children. We are grateful for leadership who love well, and who are interested in the least of these. The little ones participating in First Door benefit from the best teachers, and others, who give them one-on-one attention as they develop solid literacy and math skills. If you would like to volunteer to tutor, please reach out!

BPM focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins, Because People Matter.