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June 28, 2018 Uncategorized

Hello Friend!
Life and love happens so fast around here!
How is it possible that we are already in the middle of our summer season!
We have started our BTown Kids sites, with over 250 kiddos attending our FIRST Saturday. It feels like summer can begin now ~ lots of excitement and energy, and wonderful adults interacting too!
If you haven’t already done so, please like our Because People Matter page on Facebook, we will be posting regularly there, and you can see all the good stuff!
With summer underway, camp comes quickly, and is shaping up to be a wonderful time too – our theme is BRAVE ~.
we will RISE UP,
ACCEPT the challenge,
VANQUISH fear, and
ENJOY the ride!
This year, we are hoping to provide this amazing 3 night/4 day camp for 60 kiddos.   5Rock Ranch partners with us faithfully and makes it so that our budget has remained the same at $150 per kid for the last several summers – we are so grateful!
I would love to invite you to partner with us once again, to bring a kid or two, or ten to camp. You are part of the reason we can even offer this ENTIRELY FREE experience to children whose entire summer highlights are found within our BTown Kids offerings!
Here’s the link to donate, or feel free to mail a check to:
Because People Matter
PO Box 5944
Portland, OR 97228
(Note: BTown Kids Camp on the tag line)
Please let me know if you have any questions about BTown Kids, or if you would like to come visit a site, or learn more about camp – we love to educate our supporters!!


April 16, 2018 Uncategorized

Dear Friend,

When I was a child, and I brought my complaints to my mother, she would often use the phrase, “Walk a mile in their shoes”.  This exercise in empathy became fundamental in building the spirit that is at the core of Because People Matter, and all of the work we currently do in Portland.

Imagine if you were in the margins today… maybe you lost your job and debt has finally caught up with you and there has not been decent food on your table in a while now, or for some reason or another, your friends have stopped talking to you and you feel isolated and alone. Could you sense the feeling in your gut when you see an eviction notice stuck to your door? These are the real life stories of many of the people we serve at Night Strike and in our BTown Kids & First Door communities.  Circumstances do not always line up and turmoil and unrest seem to be constant companions. For some, catching a break is often an elusive pipe dream.

Let’s walk a mile in their shoes together…As you close your eyes and imagine how you might feel, it’s easy to see why Night Strike, BTown Kids & First Door are so important in the communities they serve. They are each a little “Work of Love” that brings a BIG dose of hope to souls who are worn thin.

Community, services, care, listening ears, youthful hope & energy are our offerings, and what makes us different from many other services available.  Not only are we meeting very real needs – we are connecting at an emotional, heartfelt level. Encouraging spirits, instilling a little faith in the world, and allowing love to be tangible and real.

As a BPM supporter, you’ve helped create these programs that are a catalyst for change in the lives of many in the margins. Whether the child with little or no support overcoming deficits, or the lonely person on the streets, or even the volunteers who bring the humanity to our programs, you encourage lives to be lived with more generosity, compassion and gratitude.

Your contributions keep BPM going strong – now and into the future, and we have some Great News! Thanks to a generous donor, every gift made to this Spring Appeal – up to $5,000, will be matched dollar for dollar! Will you respond, and help make this match a reality?

You can give a one-time ‘Spring Appeal’ contribution, or choose to setup an ongoing monthly gift. If you are not already a part of our sustaining donor base, we invite you to become part of this special community by setting up this recurring donation from your bank account or credit card.

We are grateful for all of you! You are the ones who allow us to Love People Because People Matter – come and serve with us soon!


February 28, 2018 Uncategorized

She’s a passionate soul – a get-it-done, give-it-to-me, let-me-do-it sort of gal, with a gracious, natural, engaging way about her.

Of course, she fits right in at BPM.

Alexis has chosen to join us for one whole year, as a full time intern. She’s excited to bring her gifts to the table while she learns and grows from our culture – so naturally, we thought you would like to meet…

You will see Alexis working her sweet magic at Night Strike, she’ll be leading Transformation Trips, facilitating changed paradigms in students’ minds, and she will be serving our BTown Kids team. Lexi is especially excited to get her hands on our annual summer camp (and she’s only been here a few weeks!!)

If you see Alexis, SAY HI! You’ll be glad you did.


February 7, 2018 Uncategorized

The Board of Directors is excited to introduce to you the second President/CEO of Because People Matter, Lesley Snider! We have the word welcome in quotes because Lesley isn’t new to BPM, as she and her husband Marshall, our first President/CEO, founded BPM (formerly Bridgetown Inc.) fifteen years ago. Lesley has been our organizational mainstay, ensuring operational excellence for all Bridgetown and BPM functions. She is uniquely prepared for and unquestionably passionate about her new role.

As most of you are aware, this past year has already been one of significant change and transition for BPM. Just over a year ago, the decision was made to merge the vision and operations of BPM with Hope Northwest. However, while the heartbeats of these two organizations is the same, it was determined that the function of BPM would continue to find its best expression as an independent non-profit. Because of the graciousness and extra efforts of Hope Northwest, BPM returned to independent status on December 15, 2017. On behalf of us all, we want to express our appreciation and continued support for the tremendous work of Hope Northwest.

Most of you also know that Marshall Snider has begun a new role with The CompleMentor and C4 Group as NW Regional Director. Developing leaders has been a driving value for Marshall and is a big part of his legacy while at Bridgetown/BPM. Staff, interns and visiting groups have all been influenced by his life and leadership. This new role is what Marshall was created for. To find out more about this new adventure click here. We’re profoundly grateful for the vision, passion and untiring efforts of Marshall in his service to Bridgetown/BPM. Our lives, and the lives of those impacted under the bridge and across our city will never be the same! Marshall will continue in an advisory capacity to both Lesley and the board, and you’ll more than likely still see him at a BPM event or two. Additionally, in Marshall’s role with the C4 Group, he has reached out to the new President/CEO with some innovative partnership opportunities to further BPM’s efforts.

As with all major transitions, there is both excitement and sobriety regarding the challenges that lie ahead. However, we’re confident that the exceptional qualities Lesley brings to the table will continue to uniquely position BPM as a compassionate care provider for the precious people of Portland, because each of them matter. Please be in prayer and be ready to roll up your sleeves and open your hearts as BPM embraces the future with renewed energy, focus and passion!


December 16, 2017 Uncategorized

Dear First Door friends,

Hello and happy holidays! We can’t believe 2017 is already coming to a close. It has been a great school year so far at Homework Club; we have seen lots of improvement in students’ literacy and have made more memories than we can count. We are so proud of students that have shown up consistently to steadily working towards their academic goals.

As we count down the days to 2018, it’s natural to find ourselves in a time of reflection. In the world of education and schools, teachers are finally able to step back and thoughtfully analyze the work that has been done in order to inform future lessons. What reading levels were achieved? What concepts were understood? We measure growth, identify strengths and weaknesses, and set new goals. It can be both encouraging and disheartening, energizing and burdensome. It is a time of celebrations and resolutions.

Looking out the window I see the bare branches of the trees swaying in the wind and I am reminded of a science experiment we did last month—an exploration of leaves. In the experiment, we asked the question: why do leaves change color? If you know anything about botany, you know that chlorophyll is what gives leaves their green color during the growing season. In the Fall, the chlorophyll breaks down revealing the hidden colors. Underneath the green, a wide spectrum of colors is waiting to burst forth and let its vibrancy be seen. All that is needed for the colors to be seen is the right conditions. Not unlike humans. How often do we invest the time and energy to see what is hidden? How often do we miss what someone has to offer just because it’s not visible at first glance? How often are we graded on our achievements rather than for our character? One of the joys of Homework Club is getting to see some of these colors emerge strong, true, and untainted. It is a place full of the colors just waiting to be called out to make their mark on the world.

We look forward to January when we will dive back into reading, writing, and math, but even more so, we look forward to catching glimpses into the magnificent people these young students will become. What an honor it is to invest in students whose hearts are full of love, kindness, leadership, creativity, and so many other qualities that are just waiting to make themselves known.

As always, we are grateful for your support and continue to invite you to be a part of our community.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


December 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Because People Matter would like to formally congratulate two very special people on their graduation from Warner Pacific.

Ben came to us back when we were called BridgeTown, as an intern, then served on staff for several years. He dreamed of teaching and just a few short years ago, Ben left BPM to pursue that dream. He graduated with his Masters in Teaching with a 4.0! Pictured here with his sweet wife and soon to come, baby. This has been quite a year for Ben, and we congratulate him! Ben now teaches many of the children he served in our BTown Kids programs when he was part of our team! Well done, Ben!

And Linnette! Overcoming otherwise insurmountable odds, Linnette is graduating with her Batchelor of Social Work! Linnette came through BTown Kids when she was 11, and we have had the privilege of journeying this far with her. Celebrating her victories, and sharing her sorrows.
We are especially proud of Linnette, and wish her the absolute best future!! First generation college graduate, and recipient of a full ride scholarship to Warner, you have made us all proud! And your baby is beautiful too! Way to go, Linnette!

December 5, 2017 Uncategorized

Dear Friend,

In my opinion, the best journies are those traveled with others.  The company of friends help make the journey achievable and memorable, and for us, our staff and volunteers are the friends we sojourn with. This year, over 10,000 volunteers linked arms with over 20,000 vulnerable and marginalized, to make 2017 the amazing adventure we call “Because People Matter”! Thank you for playing a part in the story!

Here are few stats for you to enjoy:
BTown Kids saw between 250 and 300 kids, and between 30 and 60 volunteersevery Saturday during the summer, along with many of their parents and guardians, at 3 different sites in Portland neighborhoods.  Local communities made a difference in their own spaces, loving on their neighbors, providing meals and friendship and fun! At the end of the summer, we were able to take 50 kids to camp to deepen and strengthen relationships!
First Door homework club helps kids with reading and writing stability, assisting local schools by offering tutoring to 20-30 elementary kids every school day. They are a year-round, every day presence in children’s lives.
Night Strike continues each Thursday to serve our neighbors who have found themselves in the ditch. An average of 150 volunteers (7,200+ annually) and between 300 and 400 (close to 17,000 annually) guests meet under the Burnside bridge to give and receive valuable, life giving services. This year, we have provided:

  • 750+ Foot Washes
  • 400+ Dental Patients (over 100K in services)
  • 2000+ Full Outfits
  • 3800+ Blankets
  • 1100+ haircuts
  • 15,000+ meals
We thank you for being a part of our legacy this year, we would have never dreamed of being able to journey from 2003 to now.  If you are reading this, you have made it possible for us to say we have served hundreds of thousands of people over these past 14 years!  What an incredible accomplishment of good.
            Your invitation stands to join us in 2018.  There are still hungry and lonely people in our city who need to know they are known, that they matter, and that they are loved.  We will strive to love even more, to serve even more, and, of course, you are invited to be a part of amazing life change in 2018!
            We know there are many fine non-profits out there to share your resources with. But with this invitation to give financially, comes an invitation to give your heart and your time. If you consider a tax-deductible year end gift for Because People Matter this year, know we appreciate it more than you know.
We commit to being under the bridge and in the apartment complexes, and we invite you join us on the adventure of our mission, ‘Loving people because people matter”.


November 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Thanks for checking in!

Every year we host 47 Night Strikes. Over 7000 people are served through our ongoing services, and we can not do that without dedicated, consistent volunteers.

Because PEOPLE are our first love, we value the time we spend with friends and family as rejuvenating and life giving just as much as serving our friends at Night Strike.

And, because so many other groups step up to provide Thanksgiving love to our guests, we have decided to give our volunteers the opportunity to stay home on Thanksgiving.

We will be back next week, November 30 for more love under the bridge!


October 30, 2017 Uncategorized

Hello friends!

It’s official, FALL is here! Pumpkins are everywhere – at the grocery store, on your doorstep, on your plate and in your cup!!! Around BPM, it’s time to focus on our next GREAT BIG THANKSGIVING BASKET GIVE AWAY! It’s one of our favorite one day events we do for our beautiful BTown Kids families.

Every year, BPM comes along side literally hundreds people by providing a thanksgiving meal in a basket to over 150 BTown Kids families! Our simple desire is to eliminate the barrier that poverty places before families, who want to bring those they love around the table, to share a meal, to encourage togetherness, oneness and wholeness. As we do this, we are providing a nutritious, soul reaching meal to up to 1000 folks in the margin, including close to 800 children.

We have wonderful partners who come along side every year, but there are still many ways to be involved…

We would love to provide a volunteer opportunity for you on NOVEMBER 18, from 9:30AM-2PM, to put together and deliver these amazing gifts.

Maybe you can not join us, but you may want to help provide a basket for a family – full baskets cost about $80 to complete.

Or maybe you would like to put a basket together but would like us to deliver it for you…

Or maybe, you just want to help us fulfill one element for each basket – maybe the laundry hamper, or the table centerpiece…

You can do this or any of the above by clicking on this link:

2017 BTown Kids Thanksgiving Baskets!

Once we hear from you, we’ll send more information your way!

Happy Thanksgiving Season, and lest we forget…


July 30, 2017 News

We would like to thank you for your continued support of our work toPut Hope Within Reach, Because People Matter!  This year has been one of growth and development for us. Here is a quick update on the great things happening with our core programs, Night Strike, BTown Kids and First Door.

Night Strike continues to shine light in the darkest spaces. It is here each week where our guests know that they will see a familiar face, a welcoming smile, and a little rest in an otherwise weary world.

We are grateful that our volunteer base remains robust and flourishing with many new additions to our volunteer staff!  Fresh faces bring energy and life to us, and we are humbled by the shows of compassion among them.

We are in our 15th year of serving Portland’s vulnerable population, and invite you to help us keep this program thriving by joining us any Thursday throughout the year.  You can also join our sustaining giving program, Night Strike Tribeat $25 per month. Your company or church can also sponsor a Night Strike for $800.  Every bit helps us continue to bring volunteers under the Burnside Bridge to love on people!

Partners like Medical Teams International, local doctors and nurses, and many businesses have joined us, offering professional services to remind the people we serve that they matter. And, so far this year we have been graced with 6 different restaurants committed to catering a meal under the bridge!  Two different restaurants serve monthly, while others see the benefit to teach benevolence to their employees through a one-time project. We are grateful to these amazing restaurants that have stepped in and stepped up!


CLICK here to learn more about and/or support Night Strike,

BTown Kids is off and running!

Our BTown Kids sites have grown so much this summer – both in the number of students and families we serve, as well as the volunteer teams who show up Saturday after Saturday to serve their own community. This growth has been a constant source of encouragement. Our team has  inspired us to continue our presence in these communities, while also looking to other parts of our city to start new sites and further increase our impact.

Davis Elementary, our newest BTown Kids site, has strengthened our vision as a BTown Kids team. As we see the power of having both school leadership and local church involvement. At this site it is both the families we serve, and the volunteers serving, that are being renewed and transformed by their time at BTown Kids. It is our hope to continue coming along side the existing strengths of a community while providing a platform for partnerships and collaboration to emerge.
CLICK here to learn more about and/or support BTown Kids.

BTown Kids CAMP at 5Rock Ranch is coming up August 6-8.  It is a memorable experience, often a first for many of the children we work with.  There is no charge to the family for the child to attend.  Would you consider sponsoring a child to attend camp this year? It is $150 per child.
Click here to support: BTown Kids CAMP

First Door After School Program

Our First Door environment wrapped up the school year in June, celebrating the promotion of 20 fifth grade students to middle school. It was bittersweet to pause and recognize their final days with us at Homework Club — we will certainly miss these amazing young leaders but we are excited to cheer them on as they begin this new chapter! What an honor it is to walk alongside students as they begin to embrace and understand themselves as uniquely gifted individuals!

Since then, we have launched into a new rhythm of First Door Summer Club! This years theme is to “Think Big” as we explore concepts outside of our day to day scope — How many humans live in our world? How big is a great blue whale? How far away is Jupiter? As we explore the answers to these questions, our hope to instill a sense of awe and cultivate a posture of curiosity. For many of our students, First Door is one of the only spaces that learning is truly celebrated. This past week a student joined us for the first time and at the end of the day she had a perplexed look on her face. When I asked her what was wrong, she looked up and said “I just can’t believe this is actually fun!” We hope this is the experience of many kids this summer!
CLICK to Learn more about and support our First Door program.


BPM focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins, Because People Matter.